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16.03.2021 20:05 16.03.2021 Lari Taskula Maintenance Support #483: OPAC fi-FI template errors Investigating issues. Trying to apply different KohaSuomi/Koha-translations versions. None of them are working. Applying manual fixes to production - is now loading but new translations cannot be installed until this issue is fixed. 2.00 Actions
23.02.2021 20:21 23.02.2021 Lari Taskula Documenting Support #463: Omnibus: Fix Koha ERROR / Internal Server Errors 0.50 Actions
23.02.2021 19:45 23.02.2021 Lari Taskula Maintenance Feature #462: error handling Investigating error. Creating an issue on KohaSuomi GitHub. Discussing general log error handling with @kivilahtio. Deciding to use Koha Fund for such errors - it is appropriate because fixing such errors improve product quality. The end result should be notifying the client of the error, instead of crashing and logging it into Koha logs. 1.00 Actions
30.09.2020 14:16 30.09.2020 Lari Taskula Development Feature #358: Restoring item's checkout availability Discussing problems caused by missing REST endpoints between Koha-Suomi-Koha and NatLibFi's Koha project. One such missing feature is item's checkout availability. It should still be part of our Koha instances. Deciding to fund this work from the Koha funding because such generic APIs are useful for everyone. 3.00 Actions
11.09.2020 11:39 11.09.2020 Lari Taskula Development Bug #332: Populate webkakecon in KOHA_CONF for new installations Koha was down because of Webkake was unwantendly enabled and when the external service went down, so did Koha. Providing Koha-Suomi a PR to at least fix this issue for new installations. 0.75 Actions
20.11.2019 01:39 20.11.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #191: PUSH TO COMMUNITY - NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE call number missing from XSLT-details. Debugging and adding a hotfix. 0.50 Actions
20.11.2019 01:38 20.11.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #190: ALREADY FIXED IN COMMUNITY - Fix serials routing preview and serials routing. Debugging. 0.50 Actions
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