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02.12.2022 13:35 02.12.2022 Lari Taskula Development Feature #995: (koha-fund) Bug 18595 - Move C4::Members::Messaging to Koha namespace Testing and finding a new conflict with digest checkbox changes and my JS messaging preferences code causing mostly smaller visual issues, trying to fix issues to no avail. 2.00 Actions
02.11.2022 13:37 02.11.2022 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Support #986: koha/bin/devel/ autovivification Dev. Checked that no such modification already exists. 0.50 Actions
31.10.2022 15:00 31.10.2022 Lari Taskula Development Bug #985: koha-pluginkohasuomi-label-printer fixes Received an email from client on errors for koha-plugin-kohasuomi-label-printer. Investigating errors. First error had to do with a possible mismatch between forced RFC3339 timestamp format and Koha's preferred date format in system preferences. Forcing all sheet timestamps to RFC3339. Secondly, it appears deleting sheets does not work. Running into strange issues with version numbering i.e "0.5" in path parameter returning 404 default mojolicious error page, implying the request never arrives controller. Trying various OpenAPI specs in an attempt to resolve the issue, but eventually setting sheet_version to query parameter. 2.00 Actions
05.10.2022 06:13 05.10.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #971: Records in search results not generating a valid link due to a missing biblionumber Fixing migration scripts. 1.00 Actions
05.10.2022 06:05 05.10.2022 Lari Taskula Maintenance Support #971: Records in search results not generating a valid link due to a missing biblionumber Investigate issue, populate 999-fields with and document this issue in case someone else runs into it. 1.00 Actions
16.09.2022 15:44 16.09.2022 Lari Taskula Development Bug #965: Bug 31565 - Patron search filter by category code with special character returns no results Implementing further fixes to exact match search regarding escape of '\' character, and attaching a patch to Bugzilla. 1.00 Actions
14.09.2022 15:34 14.09.2022 Lari Taskula Development Bug #965: Bug 31565 - Patron search filter by category code with special character returns no results Client reported a bug, investigating it and confirming it's a bug. Creating a new Bug to Bugzilla, debugging, creating & attaching a patch and reporting findings to Bugzilla. 2.25 Actions
23.08.2022 12:21 23.08.2022 Lari Taskula Translating Support #588: Translate Koha-Community OPAC Translated "Palautettiin myöhässä." -> "Erääntynyt." in members/ item status column. 0.50 Actions
28.03.2022 10:59 28.03.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #916: Bug 30376 - Unable to save item if field date acquired is set mandatory Client has observed the error and reported it to us. Reproducing and debugging. Identified error to 952$d. When a flatpickr field (such as 952$d aka. date acquired or dateaccessioned) is mandatory in item modification screen, form validation fails because Koha is unable to find the input field and observe its value. Creating a new Bug to Bugzilla, implementing a fix and sending the patch to BZ. 1.50 Actions
29.12.2021 17:33 27.12.2021 Lari Taskula Maintenance Support #713: Debugging 952$x duplicating in Koha-Suomi MARC framework exports Found additional 952$x fields in items.more_subfields_xml. Debugging why it goes there. The issue was missing link between items.nonpublic_note and 952$x in the framework. Linking it (directly in database, for some reason Koha GUI did not allow this), testing, works. 2.50 Actions
26.11.2021 01:44 26.11.2021 Lari Taskula Translating Support #588: Translate Koha-Community OPAC Translating Koha 21.11 OPAC. Finishing OPAC translations. There are still plenty of translations to do for staff client 4.00 Actions
23.11.2021 02:12 23.11.2021 Lari Taskula Translating Support #588: Translate Koha-Community OPAC Translating 21.11 OPAC 2.00 Actions
11.11.2021 01:47 11.11.2021 Lari Taskula Translating Support #588: Translate Koha-Community OPAC Translating OPAC 2.00 Actions
21.09.2021 02:15 21.09.2021 Lari Taskula Translating Support #588: Translate Koha-Community OPAC Asking cait for Pootle permissions, translating Koha OPAC to Finnish. A lot to do. 6.00 Actions
17.09.2021 01:56 17.09.2021 Lari Taskula Translating Support #588: Translate Koha-Community OPAC fi-FI translations 2.00 Actions
19.04.2021 15:12 19.04.2021 Lari Taskula Development Bug #502: Bug 28170 - Downloading some files via Tools - Upload is broken Identifying this bug since a customer reported inability to download files. Reading jQuery DataTables documentation, creating a patch and attaching to Koha Bugzilla. 1.00 Actions
20.03.2021 00:25 20.03.2021 Lari Taskula Maintenance Support #489: Local cover images No such file or directory Investigating "No such file or directory" in local cover images upload. It turned out to be an Apache2 security flag, "PrivateTmp" that forbid www-data to see anything /tmp directory. Set PrivateTmp=false in systemd unit file for Apache2 and it should work. 3.00 Actions
16.03.2021 20:05 16.03.2021 Lari Taskula Maintenance Support #483: OPAC fi-FI template errors Investigating issues. Trying to apply different KohaSuomi/Koha-translations versions. None of them are working. Applying manual fixes to production - is now loading but new translations cannot be installed until this issue is fixed. 2.00 Actions
23.02.2021 20:21 23.02.2021 Lari Taskula Documenting Support #463: Omnibus: Fix Koha ERROR / Internal Server Errors 0.50 Actions
23.02.2021 19:45 23.02.2021 Lari Taskula Maintenance Feature #462: error handling Investigating error. Creating an issue on KohaSuomi GitHub. Discussing general log error handling with @kivilahtio. Deciding to use Koha Fund for such errors - it is appropriate because fixing such errors improve product quality. The end result should be notifying the client of the error, instead of crashing and logging it into Koha logs. 1.00 Actions
30.09.2020 14:16 30.09.2020 Lari Taskula Development Feature #358: Restoring item's checkout availability Discussing problems caused by missing REST endpoints between Koha-Suomi-Koha and NatLibFi's Koha project. One such missing feature is item's checkout availability. It should still be part of our Koha instances. Deciding to fund this work from the Koha funding because such generic APIs are useful for everyone. 3.00 Actions
11.09.2020 11:39 11.09.2020 Lari Taskula Development Bug #332: Populate webkakecon in KOHA_CONF for new installations Koha was down because of Webkake was unwantendly enabled and when the external service went down, so did Koha. Providing Koha-Suomi a PR to at least fix this issue for new installations. 0.75 Actions
30.07.2020 22:43 30.07.2020 Lari Taskula Communication Feature #300: Make Koha-Suomi Great Again Discussing permissions issues on #kohasuomi IRC. Checking solutions at Bugzilla, commenting them. 3.00 Actions
20.11.2019 01:39 20.11.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #191: PUSH TO COMMUNITY - NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE call number missing from XSLT-details. Debugging and adding a hotfix. 0.50 Actions
20.11.2019 01:38 20.11.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #190: ALREADY FIXED IN COMMUNITY - Fix serials routing preview and serials routing. Debugging. 0.50 Actions

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