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13.10.2019 19:19 13.10.2019 Lari Taskula Development Feature #238: Holds pickup location REST API improvements, Holds pickup location REST API improvements, 24.37 Actions
19.09.2023 09:55 18.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Implementing DAO and XML serialization/deserialization using metaprograming. REST API endpoint for pure unhindered XML communication with custom auth. 11.00 Actions
25.09.2021 17:03 25.09.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #577: Swedbank Pay Implementing Capture and After Payment steps & callback. Recording a screencast. 9.00 Actions
18.10.2022 21:18 13.10.2022 Lari Taskula Design Feature #943: Notify librarian of an available item in pickup library when checked out to a different library Designing feature. Notifying librarian is quite easy to do. Sketching on what it could look like. A flowchart sent by the client is asking to iterate holds and checking available item at pickup library until no such item is found. It may be out of scope but looking into it anyway. Looks like heavy hold queue logic refactoring would be needed. Reporting findings to the client. 8.00 Actions
05.10.2022 16:40 05.10.2022 Lari Taskula Development Feature #942: Change item level hold to biblio level hold Implementing feature. First, approaching functionality from old school CGI scripts but then came into the conclusion that the logic for this feature must be placed into a Koha-object so that it can easily be covered by unit tests. Creating Koha::Hold::change_type and unit tests for the function. Moving on to GUI, stole the red X design from neighbouring columns of existing holds, it looks pretty nice. A hidden input field is placed under the red X, dictating if hold type should be changed in or not. In order to change that input, some JavaScript was required. Adding a jQuery event listener to holds.js to manipulate input values based on clicks on the red X. Creating a new Bugzilla Bug 31692, documenting issue, writing test plans for the patches and pushing patches to Bugzilla. 8.00 Actions
07.09.2021 15:04 06.09.2021 Lari Taskula Maintenance Feature #578: ansible-role-koha Starting with NatLibFi's Koha. Analyzing current functionality and our additional requirements. Installing Koha with it. Studying koha-create from koha-common Debian package. Debugging an annoying memcached issue for hours that occured because our custom memcached role setup an Unix socket connection instead of listening to TCP:11211 that is the default way expected by Koha. 8.00 Actions
08.09.2023 04:47 08.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Designing a state graph for ISO18626 to be loaded into Koha's ILL-module. Looking into how to best leverage Koha's features to provide a best possible user experience, with minimal development work. 7.00 Actions
27.01.2021 15:14 27.01.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #421: Bug 20028 - Export all patron related personal data in one package Starting design & development. Decided not to drop the original patch of Bug 20028 completely, but give credit to the original author by using their code that adds a system preference. Using a TDD method, writing hundreds of lines of unit tests. Realized Josef M. had found a smart way to use the already existing object-to-patron-id mapping provided by Koha::Patron. 6.50 Actions
17.07.2019 11:41 17.07.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #59: NatLibFi (KK) Koha consultation 6.02 Actions
03.02.2022 08:59 03.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Feature #786: Cron script reminder for unretrieved material Studying module's already existing cronjob. Designing a flexible config.yaml configuration for this feature. Developing the feature and sending a PR to upstream repository. 6.00 Actions
17.09.2021 01:53 16.09.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #578: ansible-role-koha Tidying code, adding support for system preferences. A lot of testing. 6.00 Actions
08.09.2021 22:23 09.09.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #578: ansible-role-koha Debugging various issues, figuring out a solution to providing database credentials with koha-create's --use-db flag 6.00 Actions
18.09.2023 05:38 17.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Deployed the Koha-to-Koha ILL module. Implementing data structures to encapsulate the ISO18626 messages. Implementing XML parsing and validation. Looking at reusing parts of existing ILL modules. Vue.js is introduced to Koha via the ERM-module, and ILL system doesn't provide that much autogeneration for the UI after all. Better UX with Vue.js 5.99 Actions
03.03.2022 02:54 03.03.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #851: Bug 30200 - Add customizable tabs to interlibrary loan requests list Developing a first working version. Writing test plans. Pushing patches to Bug 30200. 4.50 Actions
14.02.2022 11:44 14.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #762: Edit patron information before registration of arrival Designing this feature. It was requested that reserves.borrowernumber should also update when illrequests.borrowernumber is updated. It could be implemented in various ways, but deciding to extend Koha::Illrequest->store() with logic to replace borrowernumber also in reserves-table. Writing unit tests. Reading plenty of DBIx documentation. Figuring out how to retrieve the before-store() value of "borrowernumber" so that it could be compared with the borrowernumber used in "set" (or $illreq->borrowernumber(xxx)), but apprarently it's not possible without fetching the whole Koha-object again (or unless you somehow store it locally in the object). Managed to make it work by fetching the whole object again if borrowernumber is updated according to "get_dirty_columns". Adding an editable input field to ILL-request edit screen and writing a test plan. Pushing patches to Bugzilla. 4.50 Actions
25.09.2023 21:08 26.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Learning Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Tried to use Koha's i18n layer, but it doesnt provide keys for the plugins, so using Vue's own i18n instead. Can build the SPA as a single-page iife easily distributable via Koha plugins' static_route. Managed to port DataTables with TS support, but KohaTable has deep deps for plugin-hostile js-files from Koha-core. Looking into porting routing and stores. 4.21 Actions
07.10.2023 21:49 08.10.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Hands-on installed Koha-to-Koha ILL plugin from ByWater solutions and testing on how everything work and is rendered. Got a better outlook than from plain code-review. Documenting challenges with the Koha::ILL-approach, but Koha::ILL approach is the fastest way to get started and it is easy to just modify existing examples. 4.11 Actions
30.11.2022 18:52 30.11.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #973: Bug 18595 - Move C4::Members::Messaging to Koha namespace Thinking of possible solutions to the previous issue with missing contact information at patron creation step. First, attempting to catch exceptions at and display an error message. This doesn't work however due to incompatible error handling in Remembered an old solution, a JavaScript validation that I've already implemented before. This could be an approach for resolving the issue. Found my old work from 2015 (Bug 14590) to which we can use here. Restoring old code from the patch in 14590 and rebasing it on current master. Testing changes, seems to work. Continuing testing rest of the test plans, preparing test plans and patches for attaching. 4.00 Actions
10.11.2022 04:57 10.11.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #973: Bug 18595 - Move C4::Members::Messaging to Koha namespace Rebasing. Git conflicts resolved mostly without pain. There seems to be new appearances of usage of the methods this Bug aims to replace. They have to be identified, replace with the new methods and amend test plan to cover these cases. Identifying all new occurences and replaced them with new methods. Debugging some failed unit tests, especially t/db_dependent/api/v1/patrons.t. Deeper investigation revealed some issues. Firstly, days_in_advance must be explicitly defined as undef, because Koha has defined default days_in_advance value to be 0 at database level. It is easy to explicitly define it but at the same time it is also pointless to do so and such cases should be handled inside Koha objects. Did not yet implement such checks. Secondly, it seems the new objects do not return letter_code and letter_module which are required by the test, and the test will fail with the current logic. Studying what the current options are to resolve this issue. 4.00 Actions
09.09.2021 21:47 09.09.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #578: ansible-role-koha Support OPAC, investigating porting the automatic installer script from KS. 4.00 Actions
08.04.2019 19:31 08.04.2019 Lari Taskula Development Feature #21: SMS::Send::BudgetSMS Implementing module, tests and writing documentation. Pushing to CPAN and GitHub with Travis CI enabled. 4.00 Actions
20.09.2023 22:02 21.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Looking at ways to pass a websocket connection from the Koha-plugin via a deployed Koha-application. Apache2 has support. Plack/PSGI doesn't. Mojolicious works like a charm. Asked help from #mojo and reported to #koha. Notifying stakeholders. 3.98 Actions
19.07.2019 01:21 18.07.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #59: NatLibFi (KK) Koha consultation 3.87 Actions
14.02.2022 07:47 14.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #761: koha-illbackend-libris enhancements Work log entry for Samu's work. Only Lari's entries (such as this) will be billed. Samu debugged a bug with the creation of new ILL request, and after receiving more information from Magnus he fixed it and sent a PR to upstream. 3.75 Actions
11.02.2022 16:32 11.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #820: Allow renewals for ILLs Developing this feature. Studying and experimenting how ILL backend statuses behave. It seems that it's enough to create a new placeholder status "IN_UTL_RENEW" that's not an actual status, but just a placeholder to add a button to illview screen. Its actual status (stored in the database) is still "IN_UTL". Using code from the receive step and adjusting it for the needs of renewals. Testing. Pushing changes to GitHub. 3.50 Actions
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