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24.08.2023 23:37 25.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Learning Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Bought the ISO18626 document and read through it. Planning the technical implementation to Koha. Such as authentication, Agency discovery, configuration, Agency metadata and availability search. Asking the some questions about inconsistency regarding auth and help in designing federation. 3.00 Actions
24.08.2023 16:22 24.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Learning Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Looking briefly at what Koha wiki offers. Reading through Koha's backend ILL code and looking at example plugin implementations. 3.33 Actions
05.07.2022 18:07 05.07.2022 Lari Taskula Learning Feature #940: Remove hold to a biblio if a non-holdable itemtype from the same biblio is checked out Going through Finnish Koha libraries' documentation and finding a possible resolution to this issue that requires a change in circulation rules workflow. Instead of defining hold restriction at "Default holds policy by item type", where exissting holds will not cancel when non-holdable itemtype is checked out, to placing the hold restrction at normal circulation rules table, where the holds do cancel when checking out a non-holdable itemtype. 1.00 Actions
20.05.2022 05:21 20.05.2022 Lari Taskula Learning Support #939: Holds improvements 05/2022 Investigating requirements and searching for possible existing solutions from Koha Bugzilla and search engines. Emailing client. 3.00 Actions
10.02.2022 01:17 10.02.2022 Lari Taskula Learning Support #762: Edit patron information before registration of arrival Reading specification and trying to understand it. Browsing related views in Koha. Asking for more information. 1.00 Actions
24.01.2022 14:43 24.01.2022 Lari Taskula Learning Support #761: koha-illbackend-libris enhancements Getting started. Reading task specification for our first tasks and checking out related resources. Installing koha-illbackend-libris. Running into some issues while configurating the module together with @samu.heiskanen that prevent creation of new requests. The issue is that branchcode does not get passed into the CGI-script. Is it missing from template? Debugging and checking out git history for related changes. It appears a recent commit has caused a bug. Contacting author of the module. 2.00 Actions
27.09.2021 07:59 27.09.2021 Lari Taskula Translating Feature #577: Swedbank Pay Translations 0.50 Actions
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