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05.07.2022 18:07 05.07.2022 Lari Taskula Learning Feature #940: Remove hold to a biblio if a non-holdable itemtype from the same biblio is checked out Going through Finnish Koha libraries' documentation and finding a possible resolution to this issue that requires a change in circulation rules workflow. Instead of defining hold restriction at "Default holds policy by item type", where exissting holds will not cancel when non-holdable itemtype is checked out, to placing the hold restrction at normal circulation rules table, where the holds do cancel when checking out a non-holdable itemtype. 1.00 Actions
14.09.2023 23:14 15.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Studied the ByWater solutions instructables on the Koha-to-Koha -ILL Plugin. It is missing quite some features if the ISO18626 standard. Communicating with stakeholders about need for speek. 1.02 Actions
27.09.2023 01:11 27.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Communication Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Publishing the endeavour to the Koha-Community. Sharing the latest WIP code to github. 1.15 Actions
07.10.2023 17:40 07.10.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Started work on documenting the actual technical differences between those two approaches. There is a lot of overlap anyway. 1.22 Actions
04.02.2021 19:51 04.02.2021 Lari Taskula Development Bug #439: Bug 27630 - TestBuilder real number precision to use column's size Found annoying issue with Bug 20028's tests when running Test::More's is_deeply comparing an object built by TestBuilder with an object fetched from database via DBIx. Decimal places do not match. Investigating TestBuilder. Found there's a hardcoded 2-decimal place definition. Creating a new Bug to Bugzilla and patching the issue. 1.25 Actions
02.02.2022 01:45 02.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #780: Charge patron a fee at receive Reading specification for step b. Implementing changes. 1.25 Actions
09.02.2022 23:56 10.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #779: Bug 24239 - Let the ILL module set ad hoc hard due dates Reading Magnus's response. Creating a configuration variable that allows configuring which field will be used for due date. Adding business logic behind it. Testing. Creating a pull request. 1.25 Actions
06.10.2023 17:25 06.10.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Communication Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Post-meeting ideas propagation. Asking clarifications from PTFS-peeps. Emailing NatLibFi about meeting notes and discoveries and CILLT ISOILL about the new discovered challenges with the standard. 1.45 Actions
25.08.2023 14:19 25.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Implementing a more detailed plan for the basic use cases. Referencing Koha capabilities and ISO specs. 1.50 Actions
25.08.2023 21:07 26.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Looking at significant Complex Data Types of concern in the ISO -standard, and how to implement them in Koha. Releasing some thoughts on "Koha to Koha" messaging. 1.50 Actions
15.02.2022 19:48 15.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Feature #786: Cron script reminder for unretrieved material Making fixes according to Magnus's feedback. Removed faulty logic that message transport types would be based on the messages sent at receival step. Changed it so that now we attempt to find all transport types defined for that specific letter code and send notifications to all of them. Pushing changes to GitHub PR. 1.50 Actions
28.11.2022 22:30 29.11.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #993: Bug 32357 - Set borrower_message_preferences.days_in_advance default to NULL Investigating SetMessagingPreferences logic. It seems it overrides borrower_message_preferences.days_in_advance default (from 0 to null), so we might as well set default to null at database level. Implementing patch, figuring out how to test it, commenting on Bugzilla, attaching a patch. 1.50 Actions
31.07.2019 10:20 04.07.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Communication Feature #59: NatLibFi (KK) Koha consultation Sprint planning in Hki. 1h travel time with 50% billing. 1.50 Actions
13.09.2023 22:33 14.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Looking into state graph. Preparing to publish to koha wiki. Looking at implementing a MMVP. 1.53 Actions
25.10.2023 14:35 25.10.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Communication Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. ISO18626 Authentication Recommendations and Best Practices -meeting with all the big shots. Commenting intensely on auth mechanisms. Reviewing proposed OAuth2 guidelines. Looks good and nice. 1.80 Actions
31.03.2020 09:20 31.03.2020 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #59: NatLibFi (KK) Koha consultation Testing Kehitysehdotus #4332: Bug 24751 - REST API: CRUD endpoints for holdings records Code reviewing the big change. Discussing with @lari. 1.82 Actions
26.09.2023 18:57 26.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Ported REST API accessors and messaging subsystem to Plugin and TypeScript. Looking into GUI to CRUD data objects. Started figuring out how to organize ISO18626 transaction in the Koha's DB ILL-schemas and possible extensions. 1.98 Actions
01.12.2022 15:14 01.12.2022 Lari Taskula Design Feature #994: REST API: GET deletedborrowers Received a contact from possible client requesting REST API endpoints for listing added, modified and deleted patrons. Returning an estimation and making a quick design for how the endpoints could look. Investigating current endpoints further - it's actually already possible to use current patron endpoint for listing added and modified patrons with the contact's needs. Reporting findings to our contact. 2.00 Actions
25.08.2023 01:49 25.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Planning the Finna-integration. Found issues defining online payments. ISO18626 deals only with very precisely the sharing of an Item between libraries. No discovery services of any kind. Those are left for the consortium to decide. Archimate modeling regarding Finna integration and emailing ISO18626 maintainers about questions and status report to stakeholders. 2.00 Actions
07.02.2022 06:51 07.02.2022 Samu Heiskanen Design Support #776: “Details” under patrons in the staff interface a way to separate ordinary reservations from inter library loan reservations Argh! The setting: Default checkout, hold and return policy - Hold policy: was in value home library so I couldn't make interlibrary loans which tricked me to believe thet Holds-tab couldn't handle interlibrary loans. Wasted time making new Interlibrary tab and it'as functionality. Now back to designing the Holds-tab to show Holds' home library. 2.00 Actions
08.04.2019 15:19 08.04.2019 Lari Taskula Development Feature #20: Bug 14791 - Automatically attempt to resend failed notices Rebasing patches and re-submitting them for signoff. 2.00 Actions
10.01.2020 23:48 10.01.2020 Lari Taskula Development Feature #218: REST API: Checkout Gathering requirements, initial development. 2.00 Actions
06.09.2021 14:00 06.09.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #577: Swedbank Pay Starting by reading documentation, forking DIBS Payment Plugin, renaming files and packages and adjusting configuration variables. 2.00 Actions
17.09.2021 01:52 17.09.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #577: Swedbank Pay Integration developement with Swedbank Pay API. 2.00 Actions
21.03.2022 10:37 21.03.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #851: Bug 30200 - Add customizable tabs to interlibrary loan requests list Refactoring. We can use "$" function to filter out unwanted statuses. Tidying up the code and testing. 2.00 Actions
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