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02.02.2022 00:21 02.02.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #779: Bug 24239 - Let the ILL module set ad hoc hard due dates Studying the specification doc for task a. Checking Bugzilla Bug 24239 and studying Magnus's patch. Reading discussion related to the bug. It was suggested that instead of custom attribute, a date_due column could be added to illrequests table. Implementing this and writing tests for this. 3.50 Actions
24.08.2023 16:22 24.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Learning Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Looking briefly at what Koha wiki offers. Reading through Koha's backend ILL code and looking at example plugin implementations. 3.33 Actions
20.09.2023 00:19 20.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Implementing the BDD happy path test case. Designing GUI interactions. Stint on injecting a websocket via the Koha plugin, which actually works. Websocket enables faster performance for the GUI and push notifications. 3.25 Actions
26.09.2023 23:14 27.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Designing DB schemas. Updating diagrams and published them on kiwi. Wrote a status report suggesting transitioning to Scrum. 3.21 Actions
22.09.2023 02:31 22.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Learning Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Studying Koha's Vue stuff. Koha doesn't provide any instructables on how to run a dev env with Vue. Making progress porting components and understanding the Koha-side a bit better. In the plugin env not all Koha features can be loaded, such as i18n, the same and might be better to just port my own Vue code to use. 3.15 Actions
21.09.2023 02:05 21.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Learning Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Looking at the new ERM module in Koha, implemented with hte long-awaited Vue.js3. Looking at the tooling and how to port that to a plugin. Vue.js has implementation of most core Koha constructs, so looks like a very good way forward. 3.04 Actions
24.08.2023 23:37 25.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Learning Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Bought the ISO18626 document and read through it. Planning the technical implementation to Koha. Such as authentication, Agency discovery, configuration, Agency metadata and availability search. Asking the some questions about inconsistency regarding auth and help in designing federation. 3.00 Actions
05.10.2022 16:36 05.10.2022 Lari Taskula Design Feature #942: Change item level hold to biblio level hold Design, trying a couple of different solutions in GUI. 3.00 Actions
20.05.2022 05:21 20.05.2022 Lari Taskula Learning Support #939: Holds improvements 05/2022 Investigating requirements and searching for possible existing solutions from Koha Bugzilla and search engines. Emailing client. 3.00 Actions
18.03.2022 18:19 18.03.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #851: Bug 30200 - Add customizable tabs to interlibrary loan requests list Debugging DataTable's column width issue where the width gets messed up once tabs are changed. It seems SQL reports page does not have the same issue. SQL reports is using just one table instead of each table for every tab. Refactoring code. Running into an annoying issue where I cannot safely filter rows by status code because ILL requests DataTable uses the full given names of statuses instead of status codes. 3.00 Actions
04.02.2022 05:43 04.02.2022 Samu Heiskanen Development Support #776: “Details” under patrons in the staff interface a way to separate ordinary reservations from inter library loan reservations I only make entry for 3 hours though I worked all night but I didn't finish the job. I learned a lot, but more work tomorrow. 3.00 Actions
05.02.2021 18:45 05.02.2021 Lari Taskula Development Bug #439: Bug 27630 - TestBuilder real number precision to use column's size Investigating this issue further. Attempting to reload the TestBuilder-generated data via DBIx's discard_changes/get_from_storage methods, but it fails for the tables that don't have primary keys. Digging into DBIx, DBI and eventually some DBD::mysql where (or lower) the problem seems to originate from. Writing better unit tests to prove this issue. 3.00 Actions
04.02.2021 01:41 04.02.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #421: Bug 20028 - Export all patron related personal data in one package Implementing a new approach by using DBIx::Class relationships. Interestingly, DBIx::Class::ResultSource::relationships returns other than just tables, for example "borrower_relationships_guarantees". Not sure why this is. 3.00 Actions
16.07.2019 19:05 16.07.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Development Feature #59: NatLibFi (KK) Koha consultation 3.00 Actions
23.09.2021 10:07 23.09.2021 Lari Taskula Development Feature #577: Swedbank Pay Emailing Swedbank tech support back and forth, implementing the Create order step of Payment Menu. 2.75 Actions
13.09.2023 18:37 13.09.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Continuing with the state diagram. Got access to the ISO Implementers Advisory Committee and looking at the materials there. Discussion about auth is very good. 2.49 Actions
19.09.2019 10:21 19.09.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Feature #59: NatLibFi (KK) Koha consultation Mentoring @nugged to deploy Koha-Ansible dev environment. 2.33 Actions
10.09.2019 11:15 10.09.2019 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Communication Feature #59: NatLibFi (KK) Koha consultation Mentoring @nugged. 2.25 Actions
25.08.2023 01:49 25.08.2023 Olli-Antti Kivilahti Design Support #1101: ISO ILL 18626 ja Koha - Design phase. Planning the Finna-integration. Found issues defining online payments. ISO18626 deals only with very precisely the sharing of an Item between libraries. No discovery services of any kind. Those are left for the consortium to decide. Archimate modeling regarding Finna integration and emailing ISO18626 maintainers about questions and status report to stakeholders. 2.00 Actions
01.12.2022 15:14 01.12.2022 Lari Taskula Design Feature #994: REST API: GET deletedborrowers Received a contact from possible client requesting REST API endpoints for listing added, modified and deleted patrons. Returning an estimation and making a quick design for how the endpoints could look. Investigating current endpoints further - it's actually already possible to use current patron endpoint for listing added and modified patrons with the contact's needs. Reporting findings to our contact. 2.00 Actions
29.11.2022 00:40 29.11.2022 Lari Taskula Maintenance Support #973: Bug 18595 - Move C4::Members::Messaging to Koha namespace Rebasing Bug 18595, fixing tests. 2.00 Actions
18.10.2022 22:18 19.10.2022 Lari Taskula Development Feature #942: Change item level hold to biblio level hold Reading feedback in Bugzilla, rebasing patches and adding a tooltip. Realizing tooltip/aria-label is wrong when first clicked. Rewording it to "toggle hold type". Changing icon to fa-chain(-broken). Attaching more patches. 2.00 Actions
05.07.2022 14:57 05.07.2022 Lari Taskula Development Feature #944: Avoid changing tabs on page reload on holds awaiting pickup page Implementing feature and testing. 2.00 Actions
05.07.2022 14:55 05.07.2022 Lari Taskula Development Feature #941: Bug 22456 - Allow patrons to cancel their waiting holds Testing and revieweing Bug. 2.00 Actions
21.03.2022 10:37 21.03.2022 Lari Taskula Development Support #851: Bug 30200 - Add customizable tabs to interlibrary loan requests list Refactoring. We can use "$" function to filter out unwanted statuses. Tidying up the code and testing. 2.00 Actions
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