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Bug 28170 - Downloading some files via Tools - Upload is broken

Added by Lari Taskula over 1 year ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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"When attaching events to cells in a table controlled by DataTables, you need
to be careful how it is done. Because DataTables removes nodes from the DOM,
events applied with a static event listener might not be able to bind
themselves to all nodes in the table."

Before this patch, there were three non-functional buttons on upload search
result page, "+ Choose", "Download" and "Delete".

This patch binds the handlers to a static element so that the three buttons
in on page two onwards are functional again.

To test:
1. This test is for the "Download" and "Delete" buttons
1.1. Before applying patch, go to cgi-bin/koha/tools/
1.2. Make sure you have at least 21 files uploaded
1.3. Perform a search via "Search term" form so that at least 21 results are
returned (e.g. a dot (.) as the search term should return all files with
1.4. Press "Download" and "Delete" for the first result row, it should work
as expected (no need to actually delete the file - as long as it pops up
a confirmation, it works as expected)
1.5. Go to page 2 of results
1.6. Press "Download" and "Delete" for the first result in page 2
1.7. Observe nothing happening
1.8. Apply patch
1.9. Repeat steps 3-6
1.10. Observe buttons working as expected

2. This test is for the "+ Choose" button
2.1. Go to cgi-bin/koha/admin/
2.2. Under "Other options (choose one), for "Plugin", select ""
2.3. Find a biblio and click Edit Record
2.4. Go to 856$u and click "Upload"
2.5. Repeat steps 1.1. - 1.10., but this time for the "+ Choose" button



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